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Dear Guest,

The House of Nostra Koza welcomes you to its mystery cave, its temple of creation, fully dedicated togenuine Luxury and Excellence.

Our goal is simple: translate your innermost aesthetical needs and aspirations into reality as a meansof helping you explore your full social potential.

We indeed make it a point of honour to conceive outfits that not only espouse every aspect of your physical frame, but also reflect some of the aspects of your life and personality that you most intensely would like to put forward.

Thanks to our know-how, your costume will become an additional tool of expression added to your shed, a new way of interacting with the life around.


Life is an adventure to us, and we very much would enjoy sharing our thirst for exploration with you, not only through our costumes, but also through our various other creative activities and endeavours.

You are therefore most welcome aboard the N.K ship, flying the flag of the goat, about to leave for the most remote climes of the human experience. Lots of surprises are awaiting you, besides a custom-made pair of trousers conceived by the hand of our tailor Pasquale.
Allow your curiosity to take the lead and be assured of our full dedication to your cause.

Welcome to Nostra Koza !

Sarto Pasquale