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Combination | Luigi’s Twin X



Combination | Luigi’s Twin

⚠ Limited product


Combination is composed of two parts non removable one from the other. Central front pleat for opening with metallic buttons. Clean shoulders with epaulets, pockets withs flaps on the breast line and half elastic waist band. Long Neapolitan sleeves with cuffs and two button closure. Down part with long trousers until the top of the shoe with laces in cotton at the end. Side Italian pocket at the waist, one side pocket with flap above the knee and one sport pocket with central pleat on the right back side.


Colors: Brown with tiles
Fabric: 100% Cotton, two face. Heavy corduroy applied on cotton with tiles.


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⚠️ All the creation, research of composition and realization are strictly made by the N.K.’s artistic director, Sarto Pasquale.
This exclusive collection is limited by the rarity that comes from the small numbers of garments that actually exist.



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50 (M), 52 (M-L), 54 (L), 56 (XL)

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