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May fashion cease to be, may there be light

Fashion, that implacable judge, that determines the beauty of everything. Who hasn’t experienced
its pressures? Who hasn’t thought one day of running away from its cruel stare by hiding in the
deepest of all jungles or the most impregnable of all fortresses? But wherever we seem to go, there it is, trailing us with relentless determination, leaving us with nothing but sleep itself to rest our souls.

Fashion is a moral dogma, a norm that is inscribed in our conscience in indelible letters. The priest of the olden days, preaching the holy-word of God to the startled masses, has been supplanted by the modern marketing machine, propelled by almost unlimited wealth, and which, through the constant repetition of standardized commercial messages, has granted itself the power to mould everyone’s judgment at will.

Fashion has imposed itself as the judge of all beauty, and is to be blamed for the pervasive feelings of inadequacy experienced by large numbers of individuals in society. For the feeling of not corresponding to an established norm is bound to lead to frustration, angst and sadness in any individual experiencing it.

Avoiding the social scene altogether is somehow not a solution. The loner, no matter how separate he is from the world, keeps on carrying within himself the whole world of thought, education and conditioning that society has placed in him. The battle against fashion is, therefore, first and foremost a battle with ourselves.

If harmony is even possible, it will assuredly come from a reconciled mind.

This is the Battle of Nostra Koza.

This consciousness, provoking the confrontation with the balance of life.
It doesn’t matter what we wear, we have decided it.

Without balance, we can’t no longer choose.

Sarto Pasquale.