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My vision

« Who are you? », she whispered in a barely audible voice.

After a brief silence the mysterious being answered: “I am your guide in this world, your shepherd. Today is the day that your innocence was lost forever. The root of desire, whether you know it or not, has sprung in your heart. For it you will live and by it you will die. You will go to the ends of the world to quench its thirst.

The little girl whose image you saw in the water is your child. To be able to carry her in your arms one day, you will have to endure a thousand hardships, face a thousand deaths, for nothing in this world will be handed to you, everything must be obtained. Your desire will lead you to your other half, your Adam. Your child will be born from this sacred bond. In order to begin your journey, you will have to descend into the valley. There, a few hundred yards away from the village, you will find a house with thick stone walls and a thatched roof. It is a place of warmth where time seems to be suspended and the air is buzzing with activity. You will be welcomed. Above the entrance door is an inscription which you simply cannot miss.

You will see it, don’t worry. It is the one and the only. The House of Nostra Koza.

“We don’t just do Bespoke, Custom-made, hancraft or whatever the name you gave it to..

We dive your personality, expressing your own Adventure, to let everybody know, your unique uniform, your unique life, can only be worn by you. We deal with your strength and you fears, with your joy and your teeth.

Nostra Koza is a punch in the matrix, a game you cannot win.”

“Dear, would you be enough brave to confront the true core of what you own? The real

Whirlwind you are capable of?

If so, don’t lose Time and join me into the Goat’s quest. It could surprise you too.”

Sarto Pasquale