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Fitting process


We thank you for your interest in our House and wish you
communicate some useful information about the process of
making and fitting our costumes.

If you are interested in making a purchase, a first interview
mandatory with our tailor will be arranged as soon as possible to determine
your expectations, to choose the fabrics, the details and to proceed to the measurements

A deposit corresponding to 50% of the price of the order will be requested from
this opportunity to start the garment manufacturing process.

50% of the amount of the order is requested in advance, for security, the
travel, the fabrics and the first fittings. If it is an order
extraterritorial (outside Switzerland), a charge of 20% on the total is added for
transportation and amenities.

A first fitting session will take place within two weeks at the latest.
following this first interview.

Will then follow, in order to make the final corrections, a
second fitting session which will take place in the month following the first
session, then a third (if it is the first meeting with the House) and, in
principle, final session, within two months of the second session. A
updating of the dates will be mentioned beforehand by email.

The balance of the amount remaining to be paid must be paid to us before the delivery of
your order in hand. The balance is paid by payment slip or by

For the next orders we already have your cutout, the number
fittings decreases and the process becomes faster and always more creative.

For any request for additional information, we remain at your disposal.
available at the following email address:

As well as on the following telephone number: 0041/(0)79.378.94.03.

Thanking you for your attention.

Nostra Koza House