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“… for most people, “Fashion” is a word like any other, entered into the Common Meaning of everyday life. « Fashion » simply represents goods or trends that are old, new or recycled. In fact, the subject is much more complex. 

Far too many people refer to “Fashion” to survive the difficult task that human beings have, of confronting the jungle’s rules and adapting to their environment. 

Society is provided with a few billion people on Earth. In order not to create an upheaval of opinion and feelings, in order not to confront a hard and painful life, people prefer to hide behind a fake stability and not to risk, what they already do not have… and, abandoning by cowardice or fear, the confrontation is dying, so they submit to a system that relieves them of any pain that could take them out of their comfort. Knowing that their life should correspond in every way to their neighbors, their acquaintance or their family, afraid of a complete societal rejection. Then, people run out of steam, they get used to it, and even get tired of it. They always end up complaining about the heaviness of their life…
By dint of not having the courage to make decisions, we become slaves to our own sins. 

This my friend, could be one little part of the “Fashion’s ”definition”..”


“In the system, there are two worlds; either you are subject to it, or you are the system…and that, they… They understood it!! I experienced it myself…”


“Time, my dear, is a friend you don’t want to betray…I sacrificed a lot to understand this imperfect but wonderful balance that is supporting us. And being thirsty for knowledge, being one of those who are hungry, I decided to build an empire. Nothing could stop me… 

« Well.. except my karma.. »


“This is also how I decided to follow them. Why ? I don’t know…
But then, for me, a strangely beautiful adventure began.
Since that day, I have become the most wanted bespoke tailor..”