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FAQ (Bespoke)

Pricing is based on fabric selection, putting you in control of what you spend on your custom clothing. And with over 15,000 fabrics, we have options to suit almost any budget.

Custom Suits: $595+
Custom Shirts: $120+
Custom Outerwear: $595+
Custom Shoes: $245+
Made-to-Measure Denim: $245+
Alterations: $15 – $35+

If you buy à la carte, we ask for full payment up front — before cutting fabric and beginning the process of making your clothing. When you purchase a package, we ask for at least 60% payment up front and the remainder collected at your second fitting. Worried about putting payment down? We back everything with our Perfect Fit Guarantee, which offers free, unlimited alterations and remakes within 30 days of your final fitting, and simple, no-questions-asked returns.

Custom Suits / Shirts / Outerwear: 4-6 weeks from First to Final Fitting, except for some circumstances in which the chosen construction method or specialty fabric mill may increase your wait time.

Remember: Timeline is always discussed in fittings and we encourage you to call or email our shop prior to your fitting if you have questions about current lead time or a specific need by date. Rush services are occasionally available. Please discuss options with your Personal Clothier in your fitting. 

First Fittings:
First fittings range between 1-2 hours, depending on how quickly you prefer to move and how decisive you are on selecting fabrics and customizations. We do not rush the process, and are perfectly fine taking as long as you need. 

Second Fittings:
Second Fittings are where we show you the garment for the first time, and evaluate fit together to ensure everything fits and feels exactly to your taste. These fittings take between 30 – 45 minutes.

Yes, scheduling a fitting reserves a time where your personal clothier is fully dedicated, ensuring we have plenty of time to take you through the full process. If you’re just looking to stop in briefly, browse ready to wear clothing or shop accessories, no appointment is necessary.

We proudly offer the highest quality fabrics and materials, regardless of where they are located or how hard they are to source.

Our fabrics are sourced from all over the world, with most entry-level fabrics sourced from quality and reputable textile mills in Asia, and middle and upper tier fabrics sourced primarily from Italy, England, and France. 

Our custom suits, shirts, denim, and outerwear are made by close partners of ours in China and known for unparalleled investment in quality standards and the infrastructure needed to assemble world-class clothing. All vendors we work with are in close cooperation with our team, and meet or exceed our exacting standards. 

Our custom shoes are handmade in Spain, and other accessory products are assembled in New York, Italy, and other global locations. We believe in transparency in our craft and encourage you to inquire for more information if you have specific questions.

Yes, scheduling a fitting reserves a time where your personal clothier is fully dedicated, ensuring we have plenty of time to take you through the full process.

Sarto Pasquale has been meeting and greeting clients at their convenience from all over the world. With our haul of fabric collection and bespoke suit on our backs, we travel worldwide to reach our clients who may otherwise be too busy to shop in retail stores.