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Master K.lass, Sewn.

Master K.lass, sewn.

Master K.lass, Sewn. Welcome to everybody to our New Academy, Nostra aKademia ! Nostra Koza is delighted to have open the one and only University about Bespoke Tailoring/ Haute Couture & Design. Discover all the hidden secrets of the garment, combined Science and Art to build the armour of the body language. Learn…

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Once upon a time, when the world was still draped in the veil of innocence, a young and beautiful gipsy girl who was resting in the shade of a great tree had a vision that would change her destiny forever. Emerging out of the dense foliage, a mysterious creature with a polished beard and…

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Dear Guest, The House of Nostra Koza welcomes you to its mystery cave, its temple of creation, fully dedicated togenuine Luxury and Excellence. Our goal is simple: translate your innermost aesthetical needs and aspirations into reality as a meansof helping you explore your full social potential. We indeed make it a point of honour…

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“… for most people, “Fashion” is a word like any other, entered into the Common Meaning of everyday life. « Fashion » simply represents goods or trends that are old, new or recycled. In fact, the subject is much more complex.  Far too many people refer to “Fashion” to survive the difficult task that human beings have,…

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Alone against the world

Born alone, Die alone; a sentence that comes often in Life. As firstly human, before anything else, people should understand that Life is not something that we “wish” to live, but it is something that happens to us. More interesting, life is also something that we can achieve, by simply living, or removing it; it’s…

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