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Style is unique, elegance is personal.
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FirST step – select the design and the fabric.

During your first appointment with our tailor, you will be asked to select the design and the fabric that will be used to manufacture your outfit. We will discuss the specifics of the manufacturing process and we will then carry out the necessary measurements. A glass of Rakija will be served at the end of our meeting.

We select our fabrics on the basis of three core criteria: rarity, beauty and fibre quality. The fabrics are carefully preselected and are available with limited choice within our Bespoke Line collection. Our Private Label collection, on the other hand, offers access to an unlimited choice of fabrics from all over the world.

Second Step – The First fitting.

During the first fitting session, we will carry out the necessary technical adjustments (width and length of the piece) and will discuss about the outfit’s lining, as well as several key details such as buttonholes. We will unstitch the outfit, and then stitch it back again to include the new adjustments. Once this is all set and done, the sleeves will be attached to the garment.

Our outfits are fully handmade and are manufactured by following a strict procedure. The fabric is bathed in…before being air dried for 24 hours and neatly ironed. The bust is then prepared and the shape of the outfit modelled in three dimensions.

The third Step – The final adjustments.

The final adjustments will be carried out during the second fitting session. The garment will then be ironed. This is the final stage of the manufacturing process!

The artistic direction of Nostra Koza is dedicated to putting its wide-ranging skills in the field of technical design, model conception and creative showcasing in order to provide you with the finest possible experience with respect to luxury clothing.