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Alone against the world

QBorn alone, Die alone; a sentence that comes often in the life. As firstly human, before anything else, people should understand that the life is not something that we “wish” to live, but it is something that happens to us. More interesting, life is also something that we can achieve, by simply living, or removing it; it’s all about the Choice. “We do not chose to live, but we choose to die, or not..” This existential height could freeze some people, but it can also give the right ambition for the right person. From the beginning, until the end, we do survive in all spheres, spiritually or physically. Deciding to live is something that we can only understand from a certain age. Decide to die is equivalent. On one hand, we can be struck by the death, on the other, we can be unexpectedly saved. If we live, we do not die,; if we die, we live the death.

Living, a word that can be also heard by a departure. “Dying” is a word purely
alive. By his movement and therefore by his terminology.

A master tailor to a young apprenticer:

– Why are you smoking cigarettes?
(while everybody is listening..)
– .. we have to die from something.. right?
– What?! it’s the dumbest thing i ever heard! You wanna die?!

(still in the laboratory..)

– no, but we have to choose to die from something, right? the old age, disease,

crimes.. cigarettes?

– Oh shut the fuck up! and continue sewing!
(while the colleagues are all surprised by my answer)
(In the end of the day working, at closing door)

– But Nikolae, don’t you think we have to choose? Are you really convinced by the
necessity of the life? we do not choose to enter this life.. in fact we only chose to

continue living or just dying, no?
– WHO told you that!?
– my cigarette..

– You shouldn’t think like this, you only need to be thankful to God for the life.

(by turning his back on me and leaving)

– …………………………………… Who told You the life is beautiful..?

(walking backwards)

“to be born” is not a direct choice of the person oneself; but if we chose to not
die, and therefore to fight for the life, by surviving each moment, and realizing
it, we can be therefore aware of our capacity in the life.
The “Ubermensch” is then probably possible.
Surviving is only a mental capacity to face the reality. The physical aspect of
surviving is secondary, by simply understanding the fact. (If a certain destiny
is to die from a disease or an accident, the pain would be accented if the
mentality would be poor and weak).

Never accept that the fate could drive people to success or failure. It’s only by
choosing; choosing what kind of person you are and the person you could
be/want to be. As having a brain and capable of discernment, we must
The life or the death won’t do it for you. Doing nothing is only blurring the
perception and encountering coincidences that can only brings you death
or/and life, too.

The World, an entity noticeable between our two extremes, from the beginning
of the life until the end of the times. If we chose to live, the world will challenge
us each seconds until we do chose to finally go west..
Are you enough brave to confront it?

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