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Style is unique, elegance is personal.
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I bet you taught I am one of this new boring tailor.. Well you are wrong!

My name is Pasquale, Sarto Pasquale. I actually am the honored owner of the House of Haute Couture Nostra Koza. The most noble craft House that is working for the superheroes...

Since a kid, I lived a life full of experience and curiosity about finances and humans psychological behave, that gave me incredible skills to build multiple business and a strong value for managing a true life story until my 30’s.

After intensive studies about Art, Luxury and High value Luxury Marketing into the textile industry, being recognized a hard worker as a stylist, pattern maker and tailor, I decided to leave this perverted world, called “Fashion industry”.

During my last catwalks representation, in Shanghai and Milan, one man realized my ambition to understand the miracle that the garment could produce onto human’s perception. This gentleman invited me to Rome, to discover the true value of the Jacket, the value of passion.

From this day, my life completely changed.


Today I am the honorable most wanted bespoke tailor for superheroes. But to become it.. I had to live a strange but indomitable adventure that truly expressed the balance between reality and illusion, we are all living in, unconsciously.

Nostra Koza is a rare Luxury experience you will ever meet. We are not only shaping the world, but we are also writing history..

I could quote you all the grand masters I met, but for just some of them, Caraceni, Capetta, Pirozzi, Di Domenico, Ciardi, Camera, and many others.. Actually I was the responsible tailor and manager for the most renowned tailor in Rome (in the good old times of Frank Sinatra), il Signor Panetta whom, with his dear wife, Rosa, I did not have nothing more than respect and love for.

With passion and ambition, I somehow found the way to travel throughout Time. Well, yes..! During many years I worked into the shadow, hard like a soldier, with discipline and fears. I had a rule, I wanted to become the most wanted tailor and dress the most powerful people. And, unlike most of the artists and “pseudo – creator”.. I do understand the fu**** system.

I’m not only inspired, I wrote my story down for you. And now, we are an army, ready to liberate real gentlemen’s souls. But they don’t know it yet.


My new collection / 2022


May fashion cease to be, may there be light...

Style is unique, elegance is personal.